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Welcome to Thebe Tutors, your home for the best and most diligent tutors in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Accounting!

Thebe Tutors is a tutoring company which specialises in one-on-one Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Accounting.

Our operational activities expand to the whole of the Johannesburg area and consist of a varied client base, the majority being primary and high school students. Our base is in the east of Johannesburg, Edenvale, but as we cover the whole of Johannesburg, no area is disregarded.

Our sessions take place in the comfort of your home or chosen area as to appease the student and client.

We believe that every child deserves to be a champion!


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Thebe Tutors covers the following services:

  • Primary School: Grade 3-7 (CAPS & IEB)

    • Mathematics
    • Natural Science
    • English
    • Afrikaans
  • High School: Grade 8-9 (CAPS & IEB)

    • Mathematics
    • Natural Science
    • English
  • High School: Grade 10-12 (CAPS & IEB)

    • Mathematics
    • Physical Sciences
    • Accounting
    • Business Studies
  • Cambridge: (IGSCE 1, 2 and A-Level)

    • Mathematics
    • Physical Science

We also provide University tutoring in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Accounting upon special request.

With all these numbers you can definitely count on us!


Our price schedule is based on the type of curriculum which needs to be tutored.
Please feel free to contact us on info@thebetutors.co.za for more clarification

Thebe Tutors Price Schedule (2020)

School Level Syllabus Price / hour
Primary School (Grade 3 to 7) CAPS R 175
Primary School (Grade 3 to 7) IEB (PSI) R 200
High School (Grade 8 to 9) CAPS R 225
High School (Grade 8 to 9) IEB R 250
High School (Grade 10 to 12) CAPS R 250
High School (Grade 10 to 12) IEB R 275
High School (Grade 10 to 12) Cambridge A-Levels R 300
N-Level Certification N1 to N6 R 250
University Modules BSc/BEng/BCom R 300

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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  1. Thebe Tutors reserves the right to adjust the above prices without prior notice
  2. The above prices are per hour
  3. The above prices are derived from the syllabus being tutored and the level of the student's grade
  4. The above prices are fixed rates for all tutored subjects
  5. The signed service agreement is legally binding
  6. The agreed fixed amount is paid monthly in advance and not in arrears
  7. All extra sessions above the agreed fixed hours will be charged in arrears for the following month

Client and Thebe Tutors agree to a monthly fixed hourly rate of:

  • 2 Hours per week
  • 2 X 4 = 8 hours per month – fixed hourly
  • Hourly fee R225 p/hr
  • Thebe Tutors will charge 8 X R225 = R1800

This amount is requested before the start of the sessions, provided the sessions start at the beginning of a new calendar month.
The invoice for the new month will be sent on the 25th of every month and will be expected to be settled on the 1st of every new month.
Should the sessions start during the course of the month a Pro rata rate will be charged for the rest month.


A detailed explanation can be found in the service agreement:

  • If a session is cancelled by the Tutor, Thebe Tutors will ensure that the tutor re-schedules the missed session within the same calendar month at the clients convenience
  • If a session is cancelled by the client, the client shall ensure that the session is re-scheduled within the same calendar month at the tutors’ convenience.
Please note, missed sessions will not be carried over to the next month unless the session is cancelled in the last week of the month. It will then be carried over to the following month.

Dikeledi Mabusela

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Dikeledi Mabusela

A 3rd year BSC Mathematical Sciences student at the University of Johannesburg . She was in the Top achievers in Mathematics and Applied mathematics in 2016 and UJenius Top 1% member 2017.

Tutors: Physical Sciences & Mathematics

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it” Paulo Coelho

Welliam Mashishi

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Welliam Mashishi

Currently studying a BSC in Applied Mathematics and Statistics 2 years of tutoring experience.

Tutors: Physical Sciences & Mathematics

“I simply love Mathematics”

Sheldon Abrahams

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Shedlon Abrahams

Currently a 2nd year student, studying a BCom in Accounting Very passionate about accounting and teaching it.

Tutors: Accounting

Patricia Nunes

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Patricia Nunes

Currently studying a BSC in Biochemistry and Chemistry, she absolutely loves chemistry and she is a 7’s rugby player for the University of Johannesburg.

Tutors: Physical Sciences & Mathematics

“My strength lies in my willingness to never give up until the job is done”

Isaac Nhone

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Isaac Nhone

Isaac is majoring in Maths and Statistics and currently doing his third year. He is a Golden Key and UJ genius recipient. He has a strong background in mathematics and during his free time he avails himself to provide effective tutoring to students struggling in maths and science.

Tutors: Physical Sciences & Mathematics

Community Engagement Events

Community events image

The Seopasengwe Initiative
As part of an initiative by Thebe Tutors and She Lifts As She Rises the Seopasengwe initiative was created. A bootcamp which provides Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Economics and Accounting lessons. The very first boot camp was held at the Strauss Secondary School for Grade 11 learners on the 27 April 2018. Seeing that the focus of this initiative aims at helping schools that have low mathematics and science marks in underprivileged areas, the initiative aims to help by improving their marks thus having a ripple effect through their tertiary education. Seopasengwe intends to run a series of workshops with learners, beginning in their grade 11 year, over 2 years.
The Gauteng Provincial Legislature supports Seopasengwe in identifying schools in which the inaugural bootcamp would take place and thus also provide financial aid in terms of transport and food for the learners and tutors.

Thebe Tutors – Aminah and Cornellius in full action in their Mathematics class at strauss secondary Strauss Grade 11 students and the Seopasengwe Team

Employment Hackathon
An event which was held on youth day, the 16th of June 2018, to empower young students and unemployed youth. The event focused on how to write an effective CV with an enticing cover letter and how to thoroughly prepare for an interview.
Karabo Motsiri – Recruitment Specialist - Speaker Attendees to the Employment Hackathon Sindiswa – Recruitment specialist speaker – Mtshali Attendees

The Halo Project: Coming Soon!

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Women In Corporate (WIC)

Women in corporate image

Thebe Tutors introduces a Women In Corporate event

On Friday the 9th of August 2019, Thebe Tutors in association with the SAGE foundation will be hosting a Women In Corporate event at the SAGE head office.
The event will focus on women in a male dominated space. Namely Engineering, Information Technology, Medical Sciences and Entrepreneurship.
The purpose of the event is to highlight challenges women face on a daily basis, how to navigate the corporate ladder, how to place yourself in a positon of strength and how to empower other women.
In addition an HR specialist will touch on harassment and depression in the workplace and how to deal with it

Sorry, we are closed out!


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